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"At pureharvest, we are fundamentally opposed to genetically manipulating our primary food source. This is reflected in our strict policy of not buying or selling any product that may, even inadvertently, contain any GM ingredients and you will see certifying bodies' logos confirming this as our packaging is updated to comply with ANZFA labelling standards. We do not believe that there has been sufficent testing done on risk to the environment from the release of such foods. GE traits may spread between species with unknown consequences. We supported mandatory labelling of all GM foods, and sponsored the GeneEthics leaflets on GM foods. Pureharvest's mission statement is to make available to the consumer a complete range of grocery lines that are natural, totally free of chemicals and artifical additives and ecologically sustainable. GE foods do not fit this criterion. It is our intention to give our customers a guarantee that all of our products are free from GE ingredients." March 2002   Pureharvest

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