Want to Lose Weight? Join a Fitness Boot Camp

The main advantages of joining a Balmain boot camp to lose weight are: you experience healthy loss of weight; you do so in quick time; and you are able to maintain your new slim body without reverting to your pre-boot camp condition. These are advantages you may not enjoy if you decide to join a gym or work out at home.

Calorie counting

Since bootcamp involves doing intense exercises you will be able to burn around 650 calories in one hour of doing squats, push-ups and sprints. A 60-minute jogging session will help you to burn about 490 calories. If your input is around 1700 calories a day, being able to burn the figures mentioned above will definitely show favourable results on the scales.

Long-lasting effect

Yes, you can lose weight at regular gym work-outs by slogging it out may be 7 days a week. But to maintain such weight loss you might also have to go on a somewhat rigid diet. This will not happen if you join a boot camp. Just by eating regular healthy foods and attending boot camp work-outs about twice a week, will ensure you not only lose weight, but you will be able to sustain such weight loss.

Group engagement

When you join a Balmain boot camp you will be working out with a group of people – all doing the same exercises. Such group exercises are more effective than the individual work-outs practised in a gym. With everyone doing the same exercises you will be motivated to work harder and improve your own performance. As a result your increased efforts will help you to burn more calories – more than you would do if you indulged in individual gym work-outs. You will find that your enthusiasm level also increases when you participate in group exercising.

Social benefits

Joining a Balmain boot camp will put you in the company of other people who are looking to lose weight. Some of them may have bigger weight problems that yours. Working out in company with similar weight problems and similar goals will give you a feeling of belonging and you could probably end up making a few good social contacts in the group.


As mentioned in ‘group engagement’ above, working out in the company of other people with similar goals can prove a strong motivation factor. You can observe the difficulties your fellow boot camp attendees are going through and realise that you need not feel awkward or disheartened if you find the work-outs a bit on the strenuous side.

The idea in joining a boot camp is to help you to lose weight faster and maintain the new trim figure. Observing the perseverance of your fellow attendees in their efforts to make good, you will be motivated to overcome any tiredness or fatigue you may experience.


If you are new to exercising and decide to join a boot camp in Balmain, you should find one that suits your fitness level; also if you are overweight. There are camps that organise separate sessions for different levels of skill.

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